Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We're Back from Iowa

The trip to Iowa was pretty good.  We saw Sarah's relatives from New Jersey below is her sister on the left and her cousin on the right and of course the token cute kids Hannah and Ada.

Below is more of her family.
Saturday was a nice day of hanging with family eating and more hanging out.  Sunday morning started with Ada throwing up at 3am.  We are pretty sure she just had too much egg or something to do with what she ate.  Some of you may know that she has had a sensitivity to egg that causes vomiting and out the other end as well. Eeeww!  She is doing much better today though.
Well when we got home Sunday night we found our house getting taken over by plants.  They just started growing out of weird places like the sink.

Well ok the plant was small but it did get started in the drain.  I guess that means we should actually clean the sink once in a while.
Well we got home ok and Monday I took off because we got home kinda late and we all were beat.  So Monday we had a little fun Hannah made a "forest" out of the blankets and the coffee table and Ada his inside.

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  1. Oh I forgot to mention the group picture was done at 7:00pm. The sun was setting fast and I was loosing ambient light fast. I set the camera at flash -1 1/3stop 1/4 second and f 4.5. I was very happy with the results.