Friday, March 18, 2011


Since I just skipped over Thanks Giving, Christmas, Faithwalkers, New Years and Valentines day how about a little update.  I can't really remember Thanks Giving so we'll go right into the winter whirlwind I call ChristmasFaithwalkersNewYears.
At Christmas it is always nice to see family honestly I know where we went but that seems so long ago that I've forgotten that as well.
Faithwalkers started out interestingly enough when we crammed the five of us, a double stroller, a pack-n-play and all our gear into our 4-door Sebring.  Even funnier was the issue I thought the Jeep was having turned out to be a non-issue.  The messages were very challenging and the worship music was great.
I was challenged to step up my walk with Christ in scheduling structured prayer time.  My current goals are every weekday get up at 5am to be ready to go on a prayer walk for about 20-30 minutes.  Then on the weekend spend 2 hours prayer.  Once a quarter go and pray for more than 2 hours.  And finally twice a year do an overnight alone with God.  So far it has gone well.  I don't make every day and it seems like I am making most of the weekends but not all.
At Faithwalkers Ada got sick and threw up at 3 am one night.  She quickly got over it so I kinda wonder about why.  We then went on to Ames to spend New Years eve with the Schelkoph's and Hanson's.  We had fun staying up late playing Settler's of Catan.  I don't recall who won but I know it wasn't me.
Well I've been talking a lot so here are some new pictures.
More pictures to come but I really wanted to get this post out.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Ada antics

So Ada has turned two.  Things have been great we are working through  somethings but all in all things have been really good.  Hannah is learning so much, helping mama out, learning numbers and letters and so much more.  Ada is getting cleaner at eating, she is learning to help put dishes away and load the dishwasher we can also understand about 50% of what she says.  The other 50% we can kinda figure it out.  Josiah is sleeping through the night and is all around a pretty happy baby.
But recently Ada has taken to getting into things in her bedroom during "Rest time."  "Rest time" is where Hannah hangs out in the hallway and Ada is in her bedroom both with some toys.  They are allowed play or sleep.  Most of the time Ada has been sleeping.  She has taken the wipes out of the container one-by-one and squeezed them out on the carpet...  The new carpet.  She has put real diapers on her animals changed their diapers and thrown perfectly good diapers away.  She has also tossed her hair clips in the diaper pail.  Sarah then made her then take the stinky diapers out and find all the hair clips.  Not so much that we can't buy new ones but more so, I think, to prove the point that she can't just throw things away.  And since we are talking about the diaper pail, Sarah found her with one foot on the glider and one in the top of the diaper pail.
Today she opened the lotion, put a diaper on her monkey, moved the wipes container, took out hair binders,  several kleenexs, burp rags and unplugged the baby monitor.
All of this has taught me that just when we think we have things "figured out" we really don't.  And foolishness is definitely bound up in the heart of a child and God gives us the solution for it.
With all the negative in hear about Ada I really need to say that we love her dearly.  I would even die for her.  She is characterized with a helpful, sweet, caring, loving, silly attitude.
We love our Ada pa-tae-ta!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Here are a few pictures from Halloween.  We went to the Harvest Carnival at our church Evergreen Community Church in Bloomington.

Hop Hop Hop

Our little bunny eating her carrot prop.  I guess she was getting hungry

Sarah was a roll of linoleum and I was a roll of carpet
Together we were the Remnants.
It was just some stuff I had lying around the house. ;) 

Cookie making

Oreo cookie stacking for candy.

The cousins.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun in the park

The girls and I went to the park while mommy had some girl time scrap booking.  We had so much fun taking these.  This was less than a week before Josiah was born.  September 25th.

I just love her smile!


This was taken September 28th 2010 two days before Josiah was born!
Happy Birthday Josiah! September 30th 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We're Back from Iowa

The trip to Iowa was pretty good.  We saw Sarah's relatives from New Jersey below is her sister on the left and her cousin on the right and of course the token cute kids Hannah and Ada.

Below is more of her family.
Saturday was a nice day of hanging with family eating and more hanging out.  Sunday morning started with Ada throwing up at 3am.  We are pretty sure she just had too much egg or something to do with what she ate.  Some of you may know that she has had a sensitivity to egg that causes vomiting and out the other end as well. Eeeww!  She is doing much better today though.
Well when we got home Sunday night we found our house getting taken over by plants.  They just started growing out of weird places like the sink.

Well ok the plant was small but it did get started in the drain.  I guess that means we should actually clean the sink once in a while.
Well we got home ok and Monday I took off because we got home kinda late and we all were beat.  So Monday we had a little fun Hannah made a "forest" out of the blankets and the coffee table and Ada his inside.

Saturday, October 9, 2010