Saturday, September 25, 2010


Welcome.  This is the first blog I have attempted to write.  I don't really like writing, but I have been doing it more and more as I get older as I see the importance of recording memories.  Also I see how it is easier for me to express what I am thinking through the written word.  I believe that pictures can grab the emotions of moment better than anything.  You can fake what is going on deep inside but the eyes always tell the truth.
My name is Doug I am married to an amazing and beautiful woman.  Sarah and I have been together since high school.  We now have two wonderful girls Hannah who is three and Ada who is turning two in a month.  We are also expecting a baby boy any day now!  The official due date is October 1.

Here is my wonderful wife and her baby belly.


  1. What a great idea. Excited to greet the new nephew soon!

  2. Doug and Sarah...we are so excited for you all to have another child. I'm still counting him as a nephew (though he's actually my great!). As we are non-techies, will you also send us (and everyone) an email blast when the little guy arrives? Love you, Julie and Pete